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Voter Service

Members of the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson (LWVGT) provide a variety of public services in Pima County, Arizona, to promote citizen participation in government. Our focus is on voter registration, voter education, and increasing voter turnout. LWVGT has a strict nonpartisan policy which extends to all of our services and materials.

Chair: Sara Shifrin,,

Voter Registration

Our Voter Registration Team’s goal is that all eligible voters in Pima County are registered to vote and informed about the voting process.

Trained League members have a long history of holding voter registration events at community sites where they assist eligible voters to register or update their voter registration (e.g. address change), and provide unbiased, nonpartisan information about voting and elections. The League works closely with the Pima County Recorder’s office and follow their protocols. Events result from community requests, outreach and partnerships with community organizations. While events are held throughout every year, the months leading up to the voter registration deadline for General Elections are especially busy.

For LWVGT Voter Registration public events Click here. 

In order to comply with COVID-19 precautions and protect our members, the League adjusted its approach in 2020. Voter registration forms and voting information are being distributed to citizens where they live, go to school, and receive services. This includes apartment complexes, senior citizen residences, food banks, libraries and campuses.  League members are also training University of Arizona and Pima Community College students to register students and promote voting among their peers.

The Voter Registration Team is very interested in reaching new voters and those who face challenges that could make it difficult for them to register to vote, and we welcome community partnerships to better serve those groups.

Voter registration training is a service we provide to nonpartisan community groups that want to register voters. We accept donations for this service.

If your community organization is interested in partnering with us to host a voter registration event or receive voter registration training, email us at or call our office at 520-327-7652.

For information about registering to vote and voting Click Here.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Activities

The League’s GOTV Team is focused on increasing voter turnout, particularly among young registered voters and those in low-turnout areas of Tucson. In 2018, this was accomplished through an innovative field campaign and other strategies, primarily in September and October before the General Election.

The 2018 field campaign involved GOTV Team members visiting with “influencers,” such as small business owners and managers, organization leaders and religious leaders, to engage them in promoting voting with those they employ and serve. Wallet cards (English/Spanish) with key resource information about voter registration and early voting were provided by the GOTV team and distributed in the community by these influencers. In 2018, GOTV strategies also included social media marketing, coordinating with neighborhood associations, radio interviews, and outreach through other League programs and events.

In order to comply with COVID-19 precautions and protect our members, the GOTV team has shifted from personal visits to other strategies in 2020. The Voter Registration and GOTV teams are working together to distribute materials to promote early voting by mail, including to apartment complexes and campuses. A phone banking campaign encourages voters to sign up for early voting by mail and cast their vote. League members are also conducting a postcard campaign and submitting articles to community newsletters. 

If your business or organization would like to participate in the League’s Get-Out-The-Vote campaign, email us at or call our office at 520-327-7652.

Candidate and Issue Forums

Prior to local and statewide elections, LWVGT sponsors forums which are open to the public, often in conjunction with other nonpartisan community organizations. The League is considered a leader in this important election function based on our extensive experience in conducting forums and our reputation as being fair and objective.

Two types of programs are offered:
  • candidate forums, to which all candidates for a specific elected position are invited to share their experience and views on relevant topics; and
  • issue forums, where ballot propositions/referendums are explained and discussed.

In order to comply with COVID-19 precautions, the League is conducting remote Zoom webinars, radio interviews, and other innovative approaches to inform voters prior to the 2020 election. 

League-sponsored forums are posted on our HOME PAGE under UPCOMING EVENTS.

LWVGT also offers training for those who want to conduct their own forums. A training workshop is held annually, usually in September, and is open to the public; registration is required and a minimal fee is charged to cover expenses.

For more information about LWVGT forums or our forums training, email us at or call our office at 520-327-7652.

Non-Governmental Election Assistance

LWVGT is available to oversee and monitor elections for groups such as Homeowners’ Associations (HOA’s), resident councils, labor unions, and community organizations.  This may include producing ballots, staffing polling locations, counting ballots or administering the entire election. The League accepts donations for this service.

If your organization needs assistance with an election, email us at or call our office at



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