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Who We Are

Our Mission:
“Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.”

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that works to empower and educate citizens on ways to improve government.

The League encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. We do not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

Our Roles

The League of Women Voters has two separate and distinct roles.

Voter Service and Citizen Education: we present unbiased, nonpartisan information about elections, the voting process, and issues.

    The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson (LWVGT) conducts these activities, using funds from our Arizona League of Women Voters Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) corporation and nonprofit educational entity.

Action and Advocacy: we are nonpartisan, but, after careful study, we develop positions on which we advocate for or against specific issues and policies in the public interest.
    The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson (LWVGT), conducts and funds these activities as a membership organization and nonprofit 501(c)(4) corporation.

Our Principles and Values

The League believes in representative government and individual liberties established in the Constitution of the United States.

The League:
  • Relies on grassroots initiatives and consensus.
  • Promotes the principles of good governance.
  • Develops policies and positions on issues only after thorough study and consideration.
  • Believes it is the responsibility of the citizenry to develop and maintain good governance by being informed and exhibiting a willingness to act.
  • Asserts that rights of citizens at home and abroad are Interdependent.

Our Positions

Positions are developed at the Local, State and National levels after careful study and evaluation of issues and policies deemed important in the public interest.

Positions are central to the League’s mission of informing the public. They serve as a vehicle for the League to provide its viewpoint to elected officials, the media and the public on its stance on issues.

The following positions are those of the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson. Select from the list for details.

  • Affordable Housing and Transportation (view)
  • Air Quality and Climate Change (view)
  • Charter Schools (view)
  • Community Planning - Affordable Housing (view)
  • Comprehensive Planning and Zoning (view)
  • Consolidated Government (view)
  • Education Finance (view)
  • Energy (view)
  • Water Resources (view)

To access the positions of the League of Women Voters of Arizona, go to


League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson

800 N. Swan, Suite 126
Tucson, AZ 85711 


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